We Provide a Boutique Smog

Have you received notification that your vehicle requires a smog check in Vacaville? For more than thirty years, California law has required large numbers of vehicles to be subjected to a biennial emissions check. This helps to curb the levels of dangerous toxins released into the atmosphere, improving air quality and making life cleaner and more pleasant for all. If your DMV registration renewal notice shows that it’s time for a test, let us take care of it for you.

Fast, Competent Boutique Smog

We aim to offer not only the best smog check service you’ll find in Vacaville, but also the cheapest! Our $20 money-off coupon brings our price to the lowest you’ll find in the area, ensuring you get tested for less than you’d expect. Our skilled, experienced and fully qualified testers are often able to get your test completed in as little as fifteen minutes. We use cutting-edge equipment to accurately yet quickly calibrate your emissions in line with current legislation.

Book Your Boutique Smog at a Time and Day to Suit You

We offer a wide range of appointments and are open seven days a week. This means that no matter how full your schedule might be, we’ve normally got a testing time available that’s right for you. When you turn up for your test, there’s no need to wait around in a dirty workshop or out front – we have a comfortable, clean waiting area that enables you to relax for a few minutes during the time it takes us to complete the test.

Boutique Smog That’s Cheap, Fast and High-Grade

Our aim is to provide every customer with a premium service that ensures their SUV, truck, or other form of transportation is accurately and correctly tested, without breaking the bank. With courteous, skilled employees and a reputation for excellence, we are proud to provide local people with access to first-rate emissions testing. To book, or to find out more, call us at (707) 934-7664.

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